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It’s not easy getting older, and adjusting to life as things like your agility and dexterity slowly start to fade. The home that you once knew and loved can slowly start to become a hazardous area, full of obstacles and accidents that are waiting to happen. It can also be hard adjusting the home to your needs and figuring out exactly how to do that – the internet, especially, can be a wonderfully helpful place when it comes to safe household items that can really make life easier for you. But how do you go about deciding what items to get, and which ones are going to best suit you? Where do you even begin with a vast and overwhelming place like Google? The shower in your bathroom can now pose a potential risk as you try to step carefully in and out everyday without losing your footing. You’ve got enough to worry about without having to think of slipping every time you get into or out of the shower.

Xlargestuff is an extremely helpful review website which does the hard work for you. Compiling extensive research through facts and figures, xlargestuff gathers it all together and narrows it down to the top 3 best shower mats on the market. This means that all you have to do is go onto their website, search shower mats, and voila! You’ve gotten yourself exactly where you need to be in just a couple of clicks. Here they have everything you need to know about the top 3 shower mats out there, so that you can rest easy knowing you can make an informed decision without sellers bias persuading you towards one or another.

The first mat xlargestuff recommends is the “Deluxe Square Shower Mat” by SlipX Solutions. It comes in at $13.99 on Amazon (they’ve included a link in the review). Their convenient list of pros and cons allow you to see exactly what you’re getting with this mat. The pros for this mat include excellent water drainage, machine washable, stays firm thanks to suction cups, and it is delivered to you quickly. The cons that they found with this mat is that it could be larger in size and has an unpleasant odor once it’s been used for a while.

The second shower mat xlargestuff recommends is the “Round Shower Mat” by SlipX Solutions. It comes in at $13.99 on Amazon, so competitive on price with the first mat. Xlargestuff lists the pros of this mat being that the surface is slip resistant, it has a great drainage system and fits conveniently around your drain, allowing all the water to wash through and not linger and get clogged in the mat. It also states that it is lightweight and easy to clean and that it stays firmly gripped onto your shower floor surface. Its cons state that it has a chemical smell based on what it is made of, and it is not suitable for larger showers.

The third and final shower mat that is recommended by xlargestuff is the “Shower Mat” by Vive. It comes in at $24.99 on Amazon but says that it is on sale for $14.99 at the moment – still the most expensive out of the three. It is also touted as the largest mat of the three, and larger than most shower mats available out there, which is quite an advantage to have as the more surface area a shower mat can cover, the safer it is. It’s stated as having 116 suction cups, odourless, – an advantage it has over the other two – it’s quite comfortable on the feet and it stops the sliding. The only disadvantage that xlargestuff has seemed to find with it is that it runs the risk of curling up at the edges.

Xlargestuff is the most extensive and well-researched review page for household items such as shower mats. Their in-depth descriptions and transparent, unbiased reviews allow you to make an educated decision on which shower mat is going to suit your needs the best. Xlargestuff will take the stress out of buying a common household product that is the best of the best.