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Setting up a website is a great idea, but the real challenge is attracting and retaining customers. Once a visitor lands on your blog, what are the possibilities that he\she will spend time there and maybe come back soon? Acquiring one new customer is harder and costlier than retaining an existing one. You have to give your visitors a reason to come back to your website and may be refer others. The following are smart tips to attract and retain customers to your website.

Create a community

It is not possible to conduct or operate your business as a monopoly, and there may be thousands of other firms offering the same services. You have to connect with your customers emotionally and try to know them at a personal level. Set up several social media groups and channels where your customers can interact and share ideas. Create an email list where you can always inform them of new releases and updates. Making your customers the priority makes them feel appreciated. You can even give them exclusive discounts and offers for a given period.

Keep your content updated

Nothing puts off a customer like clicking on a website and finding last year’s news as the headline. Customer needs current content that can solve problems that they face at the moment. Prepare a posting schedule depending on the type of business. You can decide to post once per week or month whichever suits you best. You can have several content variations such as videos, texts, infographics, illustrations, and photos. Ensure that your blog posts are always current and that they provide real value to the users. Creating posts on a regular basis can be quite expensive, but article spinning can save you the extra pennies. You can always ensure that your customers have something to look up to when they visit your site.

Invest in customer care

The modern era customer needs someone who can respond to their questions within the shortest time possible. Time is of the essence, and a potential customer can shift to your competitor if he or she notes that you are taking ages to respond to simple queries. It is also crucial to employ qualified personnel who tends to customers with the respect they deserve. You can also incorporate social messaging into your system to make communication real-time. You can use bots to respond to general questions and an assistant to handle queries that they require human attention.

Make your website user-friendly

The first impression will always determine the future interactions that you shall have with your customers. Some of the areas of interest to a potential customer are the ease of navigation, the layout and the general appearance of the website. Keep the layout simple but remember to include all important links. Place call to actions in strategic places to increase conversion rates. Ensure that your website can support various devices such as personal computers and mobile devices. Make account creation simple and even allow users to log in using their social accounts if possible.

Act on customer feedback

You can gather important customer feedback using questionnaires or rating forms. Request customers to rate their interaction with the website or the service delivery. You can always know those areas that require improvement and take the necessary action. Choose a few customers or friends to test a new product before you launch it to your target market. Request such people to give you an honest opinion of your products and fix all the bugs before you go live. Reach out to new customers once in a while and request them to rate your site.

Be trendy

Customers will always tend to come back to your site if they believe that you offer current solutions.  You do not have to invest in the most recent technology to be the trendiest business in your location, but you should at least know what customers need at the moment. Interact and network with industry thought-leaders to learn the emerging trends and what is in demand. Twist your services always to suit the occasion and situations as they may arise. Ensure that you comply with industry’s best practices and always keep customers’ priorities first. Ensure that your site is also trendy by checking approaches and practices of the market leaders.

Creating a loyal following takes time but losing it can take seconds. Keep on checking on clients’ feedback if you want to improve your business and operate for a long time. Test new processes and assess their impacts before you apply them to your business.