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It’s an amazing feeling cruising around town in your car after having it fixed in the car repair shop. Now that the car has no issues, it rides smoothly. This is only possible when you’ve properly addressed your car’s symptoms to the mechanic. A mechanics is a car doctor and he must know the exact symptoms before fixing your car. If the symptoms aren’t properly expressed, the mechanic may not successfully fix your car and you might pay for services your car really doesn’t need.

Here are some essential tips that should help you deal with a car repair service effectively.

Communication Tips

Your ability to express yourself properly will help you have your vehicle fixed and avoid needless repairs. Even an average mechanic can fix any car if he knows exactly what is wrong.

Tell the auto repair service what you know rather than what you think is the problem. If you have no idea of the problem, don’t guess. Just describe the symptoms. For example, if you tell them about a specific repair like the water pump, they may check it out or replace it. Then they can go on to solve the actual problem (possibly damaged alternator bearings).

Describe the symptoms. Pay attention to the way your car drives, sounds, and smells since the problem began. Describe how long the issue has gone on for and when it occurs: in cold or hot conditions when the engine’s at low or high speeds. If the issue is difficult to describe, request for a drive in your car with someone from the repair shop.

Be ready to tell the mechanic when was the last time you took your car in for repairs, and if the problem might possibly be down to its last servicing or repair.

List the problems or symptoms you want checked or fixed

Visit the shop when it’s not busy. You will receive closer attention when things are least hectic, usually between midmorning and afternoon.

Talk to the person who will fix your vehicle. Service write-up staff at large shops and dealerships often don’t know much about car repairs. Talking about symptoms with the mechanic who will fix your vehicle will increase the possibility that you’ll get good work.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. In case you don’t understand what the mechanic is saying about your car’s issue and how it will be solved, ask them to explain in simple terms.

Get several written estimates before you negotiate

Don’t choose the first estimate you get, especially if it looks too high. It is advisable to get around 4 to 5 written estimates of the cost of repairs. Then get ready to negotiate. In other words, visit an auto repair shop with a higher written estimate and show them a lower estimate from another shop for the same repair work. Even if they turn you down, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Tips for spotting a rogue mechanic

A rogue mechanic will probably be hesitant to talk in the layman’s language when explaining to a customer.

Pay attention to when a mechanic tries to assess your car knowledge. If the mechanic is shady, the best way he can test your knowledge is by asking simple questions, like how many cylinders your vehicle’s engine has.

An unscrupulous mechanic can also ask you about the weight of oil your car can handle. If you look ignorant, the mechanic can easily dupe you into believing that your car may need some services that are unnecessary.

Further tips and warnings

Read your vehicle owner’s manual. Apart from looking more clued-up about your own car, you also can solve simple issues by just learning more about your car’s basic controls, meaning that you might not even need to take it for repairs.

Clean your vehicle before you leave it at a repair service because a cluttered, dirty car can compromise the quality of repairs. In addition, the extra weight due to excessive clutter in your car can make it perform poorly.

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