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A wedding isn’t complete without the music of your choice or is that really so? Sure the day is all about you but you also want to entertain your guests don’t you?

I can imagine that if you are a fan of ABBA that you don’t want to hear anyone else but I can guarantee you that most guests won’t appreciate that at all, especially your husband lol.

When you hire a professional wedding singer like James Barlow you don’t have to worry about that, he always makes sure for an enjoyable evening with a wide variety of songs but if he starts asking people for requests you do want to have some songs in mind that you can ask him to sing/play, and not stand there with an open mouth like uhh uhh because you know very little about music at all.

After reading this post you can avoid such embarrassing moments as I’m going to provide you with plenty of options to choose from so why not kick it off right now, categorized by how old the song is depending on your age.

Let’s start with some music from the sixties

A wedding isn’t complete without At Last from Etta James that produced this song in 1960, followed up by In My Life from the Beatles in 1965, we’re already getting somewhere you see? But we saved the best for last, or first if you prefer with Can’t Help Falling in Love from the King of all times, Elvis Presley of course. We could also add All You Need is Love but this is perhaps a little too much cliché, but hey it’s still a fun song to sing along.

More a fan of the seventies instead?

Play That Funky music wild boy from Wild Cherry Is the first one that pops up in my mind and as you can see we start a little less romantic here but with a little more swing added instead. Y.M.C.A shouldn’t miss out either, of course, it’s such a classic and although it’s kind of gay everyone just loves it so go for it if you feel a little tipsy 😉 IF you like to act all sentimental than Don’t Leave Me This Way from Thelma Houston would be a good choice though it’s not my favorite.

Forward we go, the eighties arrived!

Don’t you just love these kinds of posts, I just hear the music singing in my ears and I’m almost feeling like getting married just to enjoy the party, or maybe I should make more friends so I can attend more weddings. I’m So Excited from the Pointer Sister is an absolute, really absolute must of course as that’s what you will be on your big day. But Eternal Flame from the Bangles will also be welcomed with open arms.

We’re getting closer, the 90’s it is.

I wouldn’t know how to spell the 90’s in non-numeric letters, shame on me, as I love to keep the subheadings somewhat equal in size, but this is not about grammar, this is about some of the most amazing wedding songs of all time. From This Moment on from Shania Twain is an absolute favorite among many and I’m going to play it right now just because I feel like it. Grow Old With me, and November Rain from Guns’n’Roses are other great choices so pick what you like best.

Summing it up

Don’t be shy to shed some tears, some songs just have that effect on people and it’s perfectly okay, I just hope it’s not out of questioning if you’re not making the biggest mistake of your life instead of the best one haha!