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When you think about automating your marketing you automatically think about bots, programs that do everything for you and although that sounds great at first glance there are definitely some limitations to keep in mind.

Take my own adventure with a bot for LinkedIn for example just a few days ago. I was hardly out of the trial period, purchased the software, and as soon as I entered my license details I had the bot to perform its most important job.

Adding connections, and within half an hour I received a warning email from LinkedIn that my account was temporarily suspended, and that was after it only added 100 connections, something I could’ve done manually in perhaps 20 minutes.

How to prevent getting banned?

This is the tough part, you don’t know if they can literally detect that you are using a bot or that your account gets flagged simply because you perform too many tasks at once, in case of LinkedIn I think it wasn’t the bulk of volume but it good be that they have anti-human mouse simulators, sorry that I keep talking about another platform instead of Youtube, this was just my latest experience and I figured the same thing might happen on Youtube if you don’t watch out.

Years ago it was so much easier!

That is true, when few people were using bots and when the technology wasn’t so advanced it was a lot easier to gain thousands if not hundreds of thousands of views in a matter of hours or days. Back then you have two types of views:

  • Instant views – those views you got immediately after purchasing a service, they didn’t watch your video for longer than a split second and when people saw no results after a while,┬ábesides it looking impressive, it was time for something different.
  • Retention views – were born, views where you could select the amount of time a bot would view your video, from 5-30 seconds or even longer, most stuck to 30 seconds as the max as otherwise, it would simply take too long to gather thousands of views.

Did retention views work well enough?

It depended, the results were very mixed so soon after the developers suggested additional options like commenting on videos, subscribing to other peoples videos, liking them and giving thumbs ups. All this to simulate real human behavior and hoping others would return the favor.

Some bots went as far as automatically building links to the videos by either pointing links at it or embedding the video in a post with spintax that than got uploaded to a large private blog network.

Examples of Youtube automation services

Now that you know a little bit more about how botting works let’s look at some bots, Jarvee is an example of an excellent view bot which does as the word says, it increases the views your video received, pretty much the main option for bots on Youtube.

Another great service is Social10x which doesn’t only increase your view count but your subscribers as well, and that’s what your final goal should be, subscribers that return to your channel when you upload a new video.