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Many motorists are fond of taking their cars for granted, without knowing that they should be a bit more proactive if to ensure their vehicles continue running in good condition for long.

Besides, the high cost of living today has contributed to people forgetting the important things to do to their cars, such as taking them for regular servicing. However, there are no shortcuts, and if one is to enjoy the most miles out of their cars, then, they need to take good care of their engines.

Motorists need to understand that the engine is the heart and soul of a vehicle and thus needs care at all times. Below you will learn some tips that when carried out on your engine will boost the car’s life and save you huge chunks of money.

Have the engine oil changed regularly

You need to ensure that you check and change engine oil frequently. Engine oil keeps vital components in the engine lubricated so that they do not overheat when the vehicle is moving. When your car goes for long without having its oil changed, the oil then becomes used up and can’t lubricate or absorb the heat efficiently.

As a result, engine parts break, leading to permanent damage to the components. The most recent standard for changing engine oil is every after 5,000 miles, equivalent to 8,047 kilometers. While the latest engines are designed to go longer with the oil, older ones need the oil sooner. That said, always look up for what the engine manufacturer suggests you should do for the type of your car.

Change the engine’s air filters

Diesel or petrol engines have air filters whose work is to help the engine perform to its best, to deliver clean, fresh air into the engine.  Air filters usually become clogged with debris and dirt. Thus, air cannot freely circulate the engine. This can make the engine not breath and becomes overheated.

Therefore you need to change the air filters from time to time to avoid instances of overheating and instead enable it to work efficiently. The car’s manual will inform you after how long you should have these filters replaced.

Change the fuel filter

Your car’s fuel filter works the same way as the air filter. You can’t rule out the chances of there being debris and dirt in the fuel, or around the opening of the fuel tank.  If there were no fuel filters, all these deposits would go straight into the engine. Therefore, a fuel filter prevents this dirt and debris from getting into the fuel tank and wreaking havoc.

Over time, it also gets clogged and equally may get rusts or broken thus decreasing its efficiency. Before it even gets to this point, a wise motorist must have seen, read the signs and replaced the fuel filter. Replacing a new fuel filter is less costly than repairing a damaged, essential component of the engine. Therefore, why not do the math?

Ensure the cooling systems work properly

Never overlook your car’s cooling system. The cooling system is made up of the radiator, water pump, thermostat, and the coolant. Having the proper amount of the refrigerant is the first step towards protecting an engine from overheating. This fluid should be circulating throughout the engine to cool it.

When the engine starts to get hotter, the thermostat senses this and therefore alerts the coolant to circulate throughout the engine, cooling it. Always inspect the coolant levels by lifting the hood and looking at the coolant tank. Usually, this fluid is green or orange in color. The standard should be above the minimum and below the maximum mark.

Take your car for a MOT

While it is mandatory to take your vehicle annually for a MOT test, take it to a garage that is reputable and one which will take their time, training, and experience to test your car engine thoroughly. On that note, visit Southshore Mot Centre to discover one of the best MOT centers if you live in Blackpool and surrounding areas.

The long and short of it is that a good garage for MOT test will detect any malfunctions and fix them making the engine perform, as good as new.