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Scores of companies are popping up across the nation with new, innovative products for both recreational and medical purposes. Take CBD oil, for instance. It is now the “the miracle healer” on everyone’s lips. And, speaking of companies take a look at https://freeyourspine.info/best-cbd-oil-companies/ to discover top CBD oil manufacturers and what makes their products special.

Further, celebrated actress Whoopi Goldberg launched medical marijuana products meant to treat menstrual cramps. And, the industry keeps growing. Marijuana products are likely to surpass the $40 billion mark in sales this year, a figure that represents over 1,000% growth. So, as you begin to delve more into marijuana research and information, you should get acquainted with what the market has to offer.

To get you started, here are the best new products in the recreational and medical marijuana industries.

Whoopi and Maya Medical Marijuana Products

Whoopi Goldberg has decided to create marijuana products for women’s health.  A few years ago, the renowned comedian announced that she is launching her line of medical marijuana products that specifically focus on treating painful periods. Goldberg teamed up with cannabis entrepreneur Maya Elisabeth and dubbed the new business Whoopi and Maya. The new venture boasts four medical products namely:

  • Whoopi & Maya Bath Soak – This offers relief from aches and discomforts associated with the menstrual cycle.
  • The Savor – This seeks to help users deal with irritability, inflammation, and uterine pain
  • Rub – This is a cream that is used topically on the skin
  • Relax – This is a tincture line

Mint Coffee Lift by Dixie

The Mint Coffee Lift is mint flavored, formulated with Dixie Boost, a mixture of natural ingredients that seeks to improve your cellular metabolism. Because its THC is CO2-extracted, the Mint Coffee Lift is absorbed by the body quickly and gives you a more noticeable result. Note that THC is the chemical that gives marijuana its psychological effect.

The Mint Coffee Lift is an ideal recreational product to use whenever you want to boost your spirits during a dreary afternoon. The Mint Coffee Lift sells in 1 oz. bottles and is triple lab tested for quality and consistency.

Kush Cake Pops

The Kush Cake Pops go by the name as the “Planet’s Most POPular Cannabis Edibles.” They are medicated cakes covered in chocolate and come in over 30 strain flavors and themes. Marijuana enthusiasts widely love the Pops for their medicinal marijuana value. Rolling Stone Magazine christened them as the “strongest space cakes they could lay their hands on.”

If you don’t like the sweet taste of the Kush Cake Pops, you could try the Kushtown Hot Sauce. More specifically, this is a triple strength and can serve as toppings for other foods.

The Highlighter Vapor Kit by Bloom Farms

Vapers are quite popular nowadays, but the new Highlighter Vapor Kit stands out among the rest.  This vapor comes with a prefilled cartridge and is easy to use, thus ideal for beginners. To make sure that you have an easy time vaping, Bloom Farms has added a small amount of pharmaceutical grade polyethylene glycol.

In conclusion, the Highlighter’s cartridge is replaceable and is pre-loaded with 400mg of oil formulated to have 40 to 45% THC.