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There are very many people who dream of becoming business owners but the truth is that more than half of them never try. There are some fears such as that of failure and leaving a guaranteed income for a cause that is uncertain. There is another group of people who do not know the best area to invest in even if they have the cash lying idle in their banks. The transport sector is one of the lucrative areas that you can try out and get huge returns. There are many subcategories but for the purposes of this article, we shall focus on public transport. The following are crucial steps to start a public transport business

Prepare a business plan

Many people are of the idea that a business plan is essential only if you are starting a company. However, such an assumption is not true because the business plan is what guides you and ensures that you are not taking blind steps. A good business plan will highlight how you intend to raise your money and how you will spend it. Such a plan will highlight your short-term and long-term goals and the strategies you will follow to make them a reality. Make sure that your goals are both realistic and attainable.

Choose the right vehicle

If you go to any showroom, the salesperson will most likely ask you to elaborate on how you intend to use your vehicle and recommend the best based on your answer. There are vehicles that are made for public transport while others are specifically for private use. A minibus is one of those vehicles that fit the public sector well as you can use it on various modes. Examples include charter buses, car hire, tours and travels or even courier services. A pre-owned minibus such as those at is a good starting point because they are serviced and in good condition.


You need to convince the local authorities that you have what it takes to ferry people from one place to the other. You need a business license that you can get from your local authorities. The number of licenses that you require will vary from one country to the other. You also need to acquire insurance for your vehicle. The type of insurance that you need will depend on the specific activity that you intend to undertake. Seek advice from authorities to ensure that you are on the good side of the law.

Market your business

The competition in this space is very high and you have to arm yourself with a good strategy to see you through. There are many approaches that you can use to get to your target customers. You can join established platforms which makes it easy for you to get customers. You can also take advantage of the digital space as most businesses are shifting towards this route. The social media space is one of the best because of its wide outreach. You can also place targeted ads on various platforms which are very cost effective.