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Instagram is popular among health and fitness enthusiasts looking for ways to become more fit and lose some weight. Weight loss recipes and a host of workout images and videos are popular on this platform.

Instagram has become a great place to document your awesome fitness journey, and fitness fads are using Instagram Stories and regular posts to share tips and also gain inspiration.

To make the most out of your passion you need to use hashtags. According to LikeSocial , these hashtags make it easy for your content to be discovered by other fitness and health enthusiasts. It also makes your account more visible to the masses.

Today we look at the various hashtags that you can use for your account, and how to make the most out of them.

Healthy Eating

Instagram is a great popular platform to share your healthy eating tips. Whether you want to talk about proper meal preparation, diet plans, new recipes or just a photo of your lunch, then you can nail it using these hashtags:

Working Out

These are the hashtags that you use if you love going to the gym or any other workout studio. These are ideal for bringing all the workout addicts to your post.

Motivational Phrases

Many people need that little nudge to achieve their goals. They look up to you to get the information they need to move to greater heights in their healthy eating and fitness routines. You can use your Instagram account to inspire them, share inspirational posts as well as tell them your story. You can use the following tags to help them find you:

Yogis all over the world are talking about yoga and sharing tips each day. Some even share classes in their Instagram Stories. Whether you are on Instagram to get new students or you are just documenting your journey, you can easily achieve what you have always dreamt of as a yoga instructor. You can get more people to your posts using the following hashtags.

Running & Jogging

One of the biggest communities on Instagram is the runners. Many runners are using the app to share their running plans, progress and how they do it to encourage each other to run better. They talk about their trainers, running kits and many other items related to running. You can get out your tips and tricks that make you a great runner and share them with the world. Use the following hashtags to make sure you are discovered.

Don’t Forget

When using hashtags in your posts, you need to make sure you don’t overuse the tags. Instagram allows you to use at most 30 hashtags in each post, but you don’t have to use all of them, anything between 5 and 12 is fine. Using too many hashtags makes you look spammy, so take time to choose a few best tags and use them the right way. You can also have tags that are specific to the location so that you get targeted followers.