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It is not enough to just create an account on Instagram and then start taking photos for sharing. Many marketers take advantage of the features of the platform, getting out the word and making sure they have the best engagement ever.

Then came automation. Many people embraced the idea of automating the different kinds of tasks on Instagram because it was taking ages to get a significant number of followers. Before even marketers enjoyed automation to the full, Instagress got shut down, leaving them with a number of alternatives to make use of. These alternatives help you take charge of your Instagram marketing strategy, right from getting more followers to using hashtags.

So, how can you use the different features that these alternatives from TrustAdvisor give to get the best out of your marketing strategy?

Authoritative Hashtags

There are several kinds of hashtags you can use in your campaigns – community and branded. Community hashtags are the ones that members of the platform create to follow topics, themes or anything else of interest. This can be #content, #marketing, #writing and many more. These are usually general and don’t reflect so much on your specific company.

Branded hashtags are the ones that are specific to your core business functions. This can touch on your product, location or company name. Hashtags are more than just a few words or phrases; they represent the path that people follow to get to you.

Automation helps you make use of these hashtags the right way. The best tool allows you to find the right hashtags to engage in. You can choose what kind of hashtags to find and explore using the search function of the tool.

To use this function properly, you need to understand that Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, which is a good thing.


Remember the times when you used to sit around the fire and your grandma would spin tales and folklore to keep all of you entertained? Well, you can now turn your Instagram platform into a story-telling session but with a twist. With stories, you can now interact much better and more directly with your audience. Just know that the stories are meant to last 24 hours, make sure you keep them short and factual.

With stories, you can keep your audience engaged with your brand. You can keep your brand’s profile in their feed all day long with your unique stories.

Automation helps you keep the stories coming, and can assist you with scheduling of posts. Remember if you post too quickly, you might run out of content easily or end up boring your audience, and if you run the content too slowly you lose the flow of the story. The right automation tool helps you deliver the posts on time to keep your audience active.

Final Thoughts

Just because Instagram met its demise doesn’t mean that you need to stop automating your Instagram marketing efforts. With the right alternatives, you can get your account to the top with minimum effort. Take time to understand how to use the alternatives to your benefit.