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Sleep is among the basic needs of a human being as it affects both mental and physical health. Almost everyone has had a sleeping disorder of its kind in this life. Experts recommend that an adult should have 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day. However, almost 30% of adults do not get enough sleep. You should note that spending many hours on your desk does not necessarily mean that you will be productive. Your body needs to rest if you want to make the best use of the time at your disposal and having enough sleep is one of the best approaches. The following are some of the leading causes of sleep disorders

The sleeping area

The type of bed and beddings that you have in your bedroom will have a direct impact on the quality of sleep that you get. You should note that the type of beddings that you use when it is hot should be different from the cold season. Knowing the type of beddings that fit your situation is thus important if you want to have an easy time sleeping. Foam Nights explores some of the best mattresses to fit different needs. People who sleep on the couch at times have irregular sleep patterns because the sofa is not designed for that purpose. Ensure that you check the design of every bed before you make the purchase decision. It is best when you get reviews from past customers as you get a rough idea of what to expect. You can also bring more life to your bedroom through art and family portraits that create a homely feeling.

External distractions

Living in a noisy area will negatively affect the quality of sleep that you get. It thus means that you have to choose a calm place that is free from heavy industrial action. However, you may choose a quiet place only for some noisy establishments to come up later. You can insulate your walls, which ensures that minimal noise finds its way to your bedroom. Excessive light into your bedroom may also distract you from sleeping. Ensure that you have the right curtains that will minimize the light that gets in. You can also get a sleeping mask especially when you sleep during the day. It is advisable to have enough aeration in your bedroom, but excessive light might become a distraction. Ensure that you declutter your bedroom and do away with the things that you do not use regularly.

Stress and anxiety

Things such as relationship issues, lack of finances and job pressures can make you stressed in this life. You may thus find yourself rolling on the bed as your mind wanders and not knowing the next course of action. Stress in extreme cases leads to depression which can, in turn, lead to suicide. Find someone who can listen to you because sharing is one of the best approaches when it comes to healing from stress. Find a support group where you can find people who have undergone similar problems. It is also worth finding an activity that will keep you occupied during your free time.

Types of sleep disorders

Not all sleep disorders are the same because some will last for a few days while others can become a part of life.

Acute insomnia

It is a short-term type of sleep disorder that comes as a result of the distractions of normal life operations. Some of the causes of short-term insomnia include job loss, illness, environmental factors and loss of a loved one, to mention a few.

Chronic insomnia

This sleep disorder occurs for at least three days a week and can stretch for more than three months. People who are depressed are at a high risk of suffering from chronic insomnia. Such a sleep disorder can also be a result of physical pain due to an underlying medical condition.


Understanding the causes of sleep disorders and their solutions makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of good night sleep. Having enough sleep makes it easy to concentrate at work, increase productivity and boosts your physical health. Having a sleeping schedule conditions your brain to fall asleep at a given time which gives your mind enough time to rest.